High Thermally Conductive Adhesives for Battery Applications

Presented by Special Guest Speaker Guillaume Gerbaut

As the current trend is moving away from conventional ICE (combustion engine) power train systems to fully or hybrid electric systems, there is a strong demand and need for next-generation materials for the 48V, 400V and 800V battery platforms. Thermal management is key topic to prevent from thermal runaway and improve battery lifetime. Utilizing Trident and the single-sided Modified Transient Plane Source technique allows the research team at Von Roll to quickly screen, validate and develop new generation of High Thermally Conductive Adhesives for Battery Applications.

This webinar features guest speaker Guillaume Gerbaut, Technical Sales Manager at VonRoll. He will discuss the next-generation Adhesives developments and how they’ve implemented C-Therm’s Trident Thermal Conductivity analyzer in their research and quality control.

This webinar aired on November 21, 2022 @ 1:00PM GMT-4.

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