Thermal Performance Testing of Batteries and Related Thermal Management Systems with H.E.L Group

Presented by Special Guest Alex Philpotts


Performance testing of batteries has become ever more important with the growth in the EV and advanced electronic systems. While modeling techniques can provide insight of battery’s behavior, direct assessment of a battery’s thermal output under load offers crucial insights into its true operational functionality. This understanding not only helps in establishing the necessary requirements for an optimal thermal management system (TMS) but also contributes to a more efficient battery and the development of more robust battery models. H.E.L Group has developed systems such as the isoBTC and isoBTC+, these systems are specifically designed to directly measure battery performance under true conductive isothermal conditions. By providing battery developers and device integrators with accurate and real-time information, these solutions enable them to ensure ideal system performance while mitigating the risk of thermal runaway.

Once a thorough understanding of the battery performance is quantified, it then becomes important to design and implement a TMS to accommodate the required operating conditions. Key to any TMS is a proper understanding of the thermal conductivity of the components involved. This becomes especially important with regard to the incorporation of thermal interface materials (TIMs) as these materials are used to improve the heat transfer between the heat generating component and the TMS. Whether developing new TIMs or verifying performance of existing ones, C-Therm’s Trident platform provides users the flexibility to test a wide range of sample types, which can be of great value when considering the vast assortment of TIMs that can be involved in these types of systems. The ability to test under representative conditions is also important for a proper understanding of material performance as it relates to the specific, real-world operating conditions of interest.

Join special guest speaker Alex Philpotts, Field Application Scientist at H.E.L Group, to discuss important aspects of hazard screening, safety testing, and performance characterization solutions for the battery testing industry using their isoBTC and isoBTC+. Discussion around thermal conductivity testing using C-Therm’s Trident platform will also be highlighted on a range of materials relevant to this application space.


This webinar aired on August 24, 2023 @ 12:00PM GMT-3.

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