Thermal conductivity performance characterization of bio-based composites

Composite materials are an exciting area of material science research and engineering. By addition of additive materials to a matrix, a materials physical and thermal properties may be tailored to the application at hand. However, many conventional additive materials – such as copper, fiberglass, and carbon allotropes – are non-bio-degradable and may be harmful to the environment or pose health risks. Common matrix materials, such as plastics, epoxies, and concretes, may also be environmentally harmful. There is, therefore, increasing public demand to develop new composite materials using environmentally friendly, biodegradable and bio-based materials.

This webinar will highlight thermal conductivity measurements in these sorts of materials and recent research published by C-Therm’s clients in the field. Composite insulation materials and polymer composites will be highlighted.

This webinar will be of interest to green materials scientists and thermal engineers interested in exploring bio-based materials.

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