Thermal Conductivity Characterization of Innovative Building Materials

For maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature and minimizing the loss of waste heat, new and innovative building and construction materials need to be developed. Thermal conductivity is considered a critical performance attribute in the development of novel materials that can minimize the loss of waste heat and minimize thermal strain. Increasingly, focus has been on the development of next-generation construction materials for improved thermal performance – including concrete with embedded phase change materials (PCM) for improved thermoregulation, the addition of aerogels to window insulation, and the development of various bio-based insulation options.  

This webinar will highlight the right methods for characterization of grouts, concretes, cements, insulation, drywall, and other construction materials.  Join our experts in thermal conductivity characterization to learn about appropriate method selection in applying the Modified Transient Plane Source, Transient Plane Source, and Transient Line Source techniques in the characterization of next-generation building materials. Application data from C-Therm clients will be highlighted.  

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