The Next Generation of Building Materials: Thermal Conductivity Performance Testing

Global energy demands are at an all time high and continuing to increase every day. To reduce energy waste, material efficiency improvements to boost insulative performance is crucial for modern construction and building applications.

Selecting the right material involves considerations of a wide range of properties. Overall weight/density, tensile strength and other mechanical properties are highlighted from a structural perspective, but when it comes to energy efficiency and thermoregulation, properties like thermal conductivity (k) and R-Value are a crucial performance metric. In fact, a materials thermal properties will have a direct relationship to the structural integrity when considering thermal strain effects (e.g. seasonal temperature fluctuations). Therefore, quantifying thermal performance is not only important from an efficiency, but also a structural standpoint.

Join us for this webinar where we will discuss thermal conductivity testing on a range of building related materials. The importance of testing in representative conditions and method selection will be a key focus due to the wide range of materials and environments in question. We will show how the multi-sensor capabilities of Trident are a perfect fit for this application space and feature works from both academic and industry groups working with materials such as cements/concretes, thermal insulations, aggregates and more!

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