Test Methods for Thermal Energy Storage Materials

Presented by Adam Harris and Arya Hakimian


Thermal energy storage (TES) is a form of technology used for energy conservation. It refers to the stocking of heat energy by heating or cooling an energy storage medium such that the heat may be used at a later time in heating or cooling applications. TES systems are of great interest for thermal applications such as space heating and cooling in building construction where the demand for energy consumption is ever increasing. TES is also of great interest to those working on the development of solar thermal systems and renewable energy sources. In all TES applications, it is key to have a thorough and complete understanding of the thermal behavior of the materials being used. Properties such as thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity, thermal diffusivity, and thermal diffusivity can all play a role in overall performance.

thermal energy storage tes

Join us online for this upcoming webinar where we will discuss test methods for materials used in TES systems. Transient thermal conductivity methods will be highlighted for advantages over traditional methods with respect to material compatibility, size, speed, and relevancy to real-world applications. This presentation will feature recently published works from both academic and industry groups covering a range of materials and applications relevant to TES systems.


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