High Performance Rubber Characterization Innovations in Test and Measurements

Presented by C-Therm, Rigaku, and Metravib


C-Therm is excited to announce an upcoming free virtual web summit entitled High Performance Rubber Characterization Innovations in Test and Measurements. This panel will feature experts from C-Therm, as well as our partners at Rigaku and Metravib, to talk about the wide variety of ways to characterize rubber and the uses for these characterization in various industries.

A photo of bio-based rubber sheets. This represents an emerging trend in industry for more sustainable materials. However, with the development of novel materials, a characterization of their physical and thermal performance is required.

C-Therm’s Application Specialist Arya Hakimian will talk about the ways to measure thermal conductivity and effusivity of rubber, and why they are critical for rubber being used in thermal applications.

Lani Celiz, Thermal Applications Scientist at Rigaku will be joining us from Japan to talk about the various thermal mechanical analysis (TMA) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) can be used on rubber in a variety of applications and how sample observation technology can give the upper hand to researchers.

A rubber tire.

Tires are a common application for Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) in order to characterize their performance under different loads and conditions.

Finally, Dr. Mathieu Badard – Material Expert from Metravib in France – will be discussing dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) and how it can help analyze the viscoelastic properties of rubber under a variety of forces, frequencies, and methods.

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This webinar aired on September 29, 2022 @ 3:00PM GMT-3.

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