Quantifying Thermal Performance of Textiles (Warm Feel / Cool Touch)

C-Therm works with leading textile and apparel brands in quantifying thermal performance. Specifically, C-Therm’s patented instrumentation measures the effusivity of materials.

Thermal Effusivity (also called “thermal inertia”) is defined as the rate at which a material can absorb heat. It is the thermophysical property that describes whether a textile feels warm and cozy, or cool to the touch. The property is measured with the use of C-Therm’s MTPS (Modified Transient Plane Source) method and can be applied to both dry and wetted fabrics. Effusivity is a critical performance attribute of textiles intended to improve thermal regulation of the end user. Learn more about how product managers, innovation teams and researchers in claims validation are employing the patented MTPS sensor technology in characterizing the “Warm Feel” or “Cool Touch” of textiles.

In this webinar presentation we’ll review:
– Definition of Thermal Effusivity
– Principles of Operation to the MTPS Method
– Review of the ASTM D7984 Standard
– Touch Index: What constitutes a “Warm Feel” or “Cool Touch” material?
– Applications
– Comparison with QMax (including correlation data)
– Q&A

This webinar is recommended to anyone working in the product performance testing of textiles and fabrics where temperature regulation is an important function.

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