Quantifying Cool Touch Performance in Apparel with brrr°

Presented by guest speaker Courtney Cruzan


Thermal Effusivity (Ws1/2/m2K), also called “thermal inertia,” is defined as the rate at which two contacting materials can exchange heat. With this, the temperature “felt” at the interface can be determined. This property is measured with the use of C-Therm’s MTPS (Modified Transient Plane Source) sensors. It relates the interfacial surface temperature between fabric and the human body. Thus, it is a critical attribute for the fabric and textile industries for determining the feeling of fabrics and characterizing them as “Warm Feel” or “Cool Touch” materials.

Guest Speaker Courtney Cruzan

This webinar will be presented by Courtney Cruzan, VP of Operations and Product Development at brrr°. Since 2015, brrr° has been developing advanced cooling fabric technology to improve comfort in our everyday lives. This webinar will provide an opportunity to discuss the cool touch research being done at brrr° and how this performance can be quantified by using different testing metrics, Qmax FTTS-FA-019 and Thermal Effusivity ASTM 7984. Courtney will be sharing several data points and testing results of brrr° fabrics that measure “Cool Touch” performance. 



This webinar aired on June 2, 2022 @ 2:00PM GMT-4.

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