Performance Characterization of Novel Construction Materials Using Accelerated Thermal Conductivity Methods

Presented by Adam Harris and Arya Hakimian



Thermal Conductivity of Insulation materials

Using thermal conductivity to characterize novel construction materials

Amongst other globally prominent issues, 2021 has had some of the hottest recorded temperatures in recent years, including the highest temperature ever measured in Canada at 49.6ºC (121.3ºF). Paired in tandem with the increasingly higher energy costs, the need for efficient and sustainable materials have never been more apparent. With massive fluctuations from summer to winter months in most parts of North America and other parts of the globe, the materials used for building constructions need to provide benefit at both ends of the spectrum.

The insulative performance (R-value) of the materials used can be directly viewed as a critical performance attribute in material selection. Insulative materials are those that resist or prevent the transmission of heat and thus dictate how hard the A/C needs to work in the summer to keep you cool as well as how much heat loss occurs to the outside during the winter. From a material property standpoint, this is directly related to thermal conductivity (k). Novel materials often incorporate specialized fillers, coatings, or manufacturing techniques to control the desired thermal outcomes. The ability to accurately quantify this property is crucial for optimal material selection, as well as performance and claims validation.

Join us online for this upcoming webinar where we will review method selection in testing the wide range of materials used in building construction. Accelerated transient thermal conductivity methods will be discussed with respect to material compatibility, size, speed, and relevancy to real-world applications. This presentation will feature recently published works from both academic and industry groups working with materials such as phase change materials (PCMs), cement/concrete, traditional and bio-based thermal insulation, coatings, aerogels and more!
This webinar is recommended for any researchers or engineers working with novel construction materials.



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