Designing Dynamic Mechanical Analysis Experiments to Measure the Damping Performance of Sandwich Structures

Presented by Dr. Travis Parkman

Regardless of the application, mechanical vibrations can have detrimental effects. In vehicles, excessive vibrations can impact performance, lead to premature wear and failure of critical components, and contribute to Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH). NVH-related issues range from decreasing passenger comfort to impacting the driver’s awareness. An effective method of reducing mechanical vibrations is through the introduction of damping into designs, utilizing viscoelastic materials or active damping solutions.

As vehicles electrify, more concern is being placed on noise reduction to keep travelers comfortable and attentive.

Join us for a webinar that focuses on the application of Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) in measuring the vibrational damping performance of sandwich structures. Composites and sandwich structures, known for their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, find extensive use in critical applications and can be designed with desired damping properties. Evaluating and quantifying the damping characteristics of these materials is vital for designing and producing high-performance, reliable products. By effectively measuring and understanding material damping performance, we can address these challenges and develop solutions that enhance passenger comfort, extend product lifespan, and improve overall safety.

During this webinar, Dr. Travis Parkman will discuss the fundamentals of DMA, the underlying principles of viscoelastic behavior, and their relation to vibrational damping. Furthermore, we will highlight the importance of correctly setting up a DMA experiment and describe the steps involved in integrating DMA results into Finite Element Method (FEM) models, which are verified through modal analysis.

Whether you are a materials scientist, design engineer, researcher, or industry professional involved in NVH, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, or EVs, this webinar offers valuable knowledge and practical insights to enhance your understanding of material damping. Gain a competitive edge by leveraging DMA to drive innovation, improve product performance, and meet industry standards.

This webinar aired on June 8, 2023 @ 2:00PM GMT-4.

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