Innovations in Thermal Conductivity Testing with Special Guest, Mr. Padmanabhan Govindarao

“Thermal analytics is an essential approach to narrow down on the choice of materials to be used; crucial for the polymer industry, as polymers are always fascinating and attractive in terms of being a suitable replacement for metals and alloys”, emphasizes Guest Speaker Mr. Padmanabhan Govindarao

Padmanabhan Govindarao

Guest Speaker: Mr. Padmanabhan Govindarao (Vice President, LCGC BioAnalytic Solutions LLP, India).

Learn about various applications and the principle operation of the C-Therm Trident Thermal Conductivity Analyzer. This webinar provides an excellent introduction in understanding the capabilities and limitations of the three transient methods – Modified Transient Plane Source (MTPS), Transient Plane Source (TPS), and Transient Line Source (TLS) for thermal conductivity characterization.  C-Therm’s Trident employs the advanced techniques in offering rapid, non-destructive thermal conductivity testing capabilities with unequalled ease-of-use and accuracy. Designed for lab, quality control and production environments, the Trident provides users with broad testing ranges from 0.01 to 2000 W/mK at a temperature from -50  to 500 °C.  Learn how to accurately test solids, liquids, powders and pastes in less time than any other instrument commercially available.  The webinar is principally focused on outlining the basic principles of operation to the technique – but will also highlight the most common application areas including Polymers, Phase Change Materials (PCM), Geological, Heat Transfer Fluids, and Powders.

The webinar will be of interest to any material researchers and scientists new to thermal conductivity characterization or interested in a refresher on how to characterize such heat transfer properties accurately.

Padmanabhan Govindarao is the Vice President of LCGC BioAnalytic Solutions LLP.  Padmanabhan has over 20 years of experience in thermal analysis and has expertise in finding solutions for his customers.

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