Sample Observation in Thermal Analysis

Presented by Meaghan Fielding


Sample Observation gif

Example of the sample observation feature on Rigaku’s DSC

Calorimetry is a trusted method in thermal analysis that is used to determine thermal events, specific heat, and mass loss. With applications in pharmaceutical, polymers, and many other areas, DSC and STA are common lab instruments. Recent innovations in calorimetry by Rigaku have resulted in the development of sample observation calorimetry – the first of its kind. This technology is available on Rigaku DSCvesta and STA8122.

Sample observation 2

Example of phase transitions by sample observation

Sample observation technology allows for the accurate determination of heat events with visual confirmation. Changes in shape and color can easily be observed. This is invaluable when trying to differentiate endothermic heat events, such as a melt vs a decomposition, or exothermic heat events, such as a crystal-crystal phase change vs a decomposition.

This webinar will interest anyone working with polymers, pharmaceuticals, and biological materials in both industry and academia.

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