Accelerated Thermal Conductivity Testing for Geological Applications

Presented by Arya Hakimian

Work done by Seaforth Geosurveys using the MTPS sensor on geological sensors.

Geological samples play a critical role in a variety of industries including mining, oil & gas, and geothermal energy. The thermal properties of these samples are essential in determining their suitability for a given application. However, determining the thermal conductivity of geological samples can be challenging due to their varying composition and structure.

This webinar will explore how the Trident Thermal Conductivity Instrument can be used with various methods to accurately measure the thermal conductivity of geological samples, including rock, soils and sedimentary formations. This webinar will describe the need for accurate material properties across various applications, and highlight how organizations have applied this data in the past.

This webinar will be of interest to geologists, geophysicists, and engineers working in the fields of mineral exploration, geothermal energy and oil & gas production. Register now to learn about the latest advancements in thermal conductivity testing for geological samples.

This webinar aired on February 23, 2023 @ 2:00PM GMT-4.

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