Fundamentals of Polymers Thermal Characterization: TGA, DSC, Thermal Conductivity, STA, and DMA Techniques

Thermal characterization of polymer processes and products is fundamental to the field of polymers chemistry and engineering. To achieve total characterization of polymers, several different thermal techniques are needed: Thermogravimetry, to characterize the thermal stability. DSC, to characterize thermal properties like glass transition temperature or heat capacity, as well as do preliminary process safety studies. DMA to measure mechanical properties and elasticity. Finally, thermal conductivity measurement techniques, such as those offered by C-Therm’s Trident, offer insight into the heat-transfer properties of the material across different phases – which are key inputs to process safety calculations as well as key performance metrics for the final product.

This webinar provides a survey of these techniques and shows how to properly equip a lab for polymers thermal characterization. It will be of interest to lab managers and researchers in the field of polymer science, particularly those who are planning on setting up new facilities or expanding existing facilities in the near future.

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