Thermal Conductivity Characterization of Energetics and Explosive Materials

In the field of process safety, thermal conductivity of the materials used in the process plays a key role in determining heat buildup in thermal runaway scenarios and in determining safe reactor volumes. In the case of temperature sensitive explosives and energetic materials, thermal conductivity plays a key role in understanding the necessary safety and handling precautions. In both cases, the thermal conductivity test method must be carefully designed to avoid applying thermal shock, excessive force, or excessive temperature to the sample – all of which could potentially initiate a runaway reaction, posing potential safety hazards to the operator and to equipment. This webinar focuses on how C-Therm’s Trident thermal conductivity analyzer can be used to evaluate the thermal properties of energetic, explosive, and thermally unstable materials. Attention will be paid to how such work can be applied to process safety calculations. This webinar will be of use to thermal scientists, materials scientists and engineers in the fields of process safety, energetics and explosives.

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