Performance Testing of Adhesive Tapes for EV Battery Application – Why Thermal Conductivity Matters

Presented by Arya Hakimian

Thermal interface materials (TIMs) provide a means of improving heat transfer between temperature generating components and cooling hardware. They are an integral part of any thermal management system and can take on a variety of formats depending on the application. Adhesives tapes are one such example that provide both thermal dissipation and structural support the system. Tesa has a long-standing history of developing adhesive tapes and has implemented them across a range of industries. In recent years, a focus on e-mobility has moved to the forefront of material development for applications such as cell-to-cell mounting, cell-array to cold-plate mounting, cell-to-side-plate mounting, temperature sensor mounting, graphite/graphene mounting, heating film mounting, and more.

For applications in thermal management, thermal conductivity is a critical performance metric for the materials involved. Whether developing new TIMs or verifying performance of existing ones, it is important to understand the factors involved with different test methods to ensure a good technical fit. C-Therm’s Trident platform is a multi-method system that provides users the flexibility to select the one most appropriate for the task at hand. Testing under representative conditions is also important for a proper understanding of material performance as it relates to the specific, real-world operating conditions of interest.

This webinar will feature an overview on how thermal adhesive tapes are employed across various e-mobility thermal management systems and discuss the importance of thermal conductivity test method selection.

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This webinar aired on October 4, 2023 @ 2:15PM GMT-4.

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