Processability of Materials in EV Thermal Management

Presented by Special Guest Dr. Soheila Shabaniverki

In September 2022, we had hosted a joint webinar with C-Therm. C-Therm specializes in thermal conductivity testing including their product, Trident. 
This year, we are back and proud to host the second joint webinar with C-Therm where RheoSense’s technical team will speak on the importance of battery research and where viscosity should be incorporated during the development all the way to quality control process. 
Thermal Management of EVs is of great importance to ensuring optimal operating conditions and reducing the risk of thermal runaway events. Key to any successful Thermal Management System (TMS) is a proper understanding of the thermal conductivity of the components involved. One of the most important components in these systems is the Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) as they provide a means of improving heat dissipation between heat generating components and the cooling system itself. While most TIMs end up curing to a final solid/semi-solid state, understanding the precured material performance can provide valuable insight during optimization and development stages. Quantifying stability of these systems related to the fillers can also be important for QA/QC considerations. C-Therm’s Trident platform offers multiple methods for thermal conductivity testing of both cured and uncured samples to understand performance across the various stages of interest.
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This webinar aired on September 27, 2023 @ 4:00PM GMT-4.

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