Thermal Management for EV Chargers & Power Electronics with Coolmag

Presented by Special Guest Speakera Xavier Mirabet & Moisés de Haro

As electronics become more complex and demand more power, the need for effective and efficient thermal management becomes increasingly important

Temperature is a bottleneck for all power electronic applications. Industry is pushing towards safer, more efficient, and reliable electronics, but as power density values are taken to their limits, thermal performance becomes a tricky topic. Thermal compounds must fit all the necessary technical requirements (thermal and electrical properties, mechanical and chemical resistance, and regulatory standards),  but also manufacturability can make the difference and has crucial implications for implementation and industrialization. 

Join Xavier Mirabet and Moisés de Haro from Coolmag as he discusses the importance of thermal management in EV charging and power electronics. They will discuss the importance of thermally conductivity potting compounds and the benefits of Coolmag’s encapsulation including no exothermic reactions, VOC free, low viscosity, and excellent thermal properties.

This webinar aired on March 16, 2023 @ 11:00AM GMT-3.

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