DMA + Thermal Conductivity Characterization: A Spotlight on Polymers and Rubber

dynamic mechanical analysis

Many researchers in the polymer and rubber industry rely on a multitude of experiments in order to make informed decisions about their materials for QA/QC, new material development, product validation and many other applications. Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) and thermal conductivity are among the most important material characteristics in these industries. METRAVIB and C-Therm offer unique capabilities in these test methods that are highlighted in this webinar.

Featuring a high force air bearing electrodynamic shaker of 300 Newtons and a high rigidity one piece test frame , the METRAVIB DMA+300 allows to characterize the thermo-mechanical properties of polymer materials as to no other DMA! High force capabilities, large frequency range up to 1kHz, high sensitivity and resolution, flexible test programming, multiple test sequencing, Fatigue testing capabilities, Crack growth testing capabilities, Elastomers Heat build up testing , make DMA+300 the ultimate DMA for polymer testing.

The Trident thermal conductivity analyzer from industry leader C-Therm offers the most flexible and robust platform for testing thermal conductivity on a wide range of materials. Trident combines 3 powerful transient based sensors to bring the right tool for the job, no matter what material you are working with.

This webinar will be of interest to anyone who works with polymers, rubbers, elastomers, composites, and thermosets or anyone involved with DMA and thermal conductivity characterization.

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