DMA 101: Dynamic Mechanical Analysis for Viscoelastic Properties

Presented by Special Guest Speaker Jonathan Martens

Join C-Therm and special guest speaker Jonathan E. Martens, Staff Engineer at ARDL to discuss the fundamentals of Dynamic Mechanical Analysis and its use in evaluating critical performance characteristics.

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) is a powerful tool for studying the mechanical properties of materials. DMA can characterize the performance of the viscoelastic behaviour of materials under a wide range of conditions, including temperature, frequency, and strain amplitude.  However, with this level of choice, it can be difficult to confidently select the correct parameters.  There are ASTM standards that can be used as a guideline, but these often do not replicate the conditions of use for the material.

This webinar aims to provide an in-depth understanding of DMA, starting with basic theory, then introducing different types of DMAs, test methods and performance indicators.  Finally, Jonathan will cover more advanced topics, including the Lissajou curve, special plotting techniques, pitfalls to be aware of with DMA and these results can be used in Finite Element Analysis (FEA). 

This webinar aired on March 9, 2023 @ 2:00PM GMT-3.

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