Characterization of Polymers using Thermal Conductivity

Thermal analysis techniques are typically applied to the study of polymers and plastics whether they are applied to their thermal, structural or compositional characterization. The webinar will introduce examples of application of DSC (differential scanning calorimetry), TGA (thermogravimetric analysis), EGA (evolved gas analysis), microcalorimetry and manometry related to glass transition, crystallinity, thermal stability, and sorption capacities of polymers. We will also welcome our partners from C-Therm, that will introduce the Trident thermal conductivity analyzer and its applications to polymer materials.

Join us and our partners at SETARAM Instrumentation for this live event, there are two different sessions that are available to attendees.

Date / Time:

Session 1: Wednesday, May 6th @ 9PM Eastern

Session 2: Thursday, May 7th @ 9AM Eastern


Setaram Thermal Analysis

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