Evaluation of Battery Materials by Advanced Thermal Analysis (DSC, STA, TMA)

Presented by Meaghan Fielding

Batteries are an energy storage solution used widely across many consumer and industrial applications- including electric vehicles. With increased consumer demand for environmentally friendly, sustainable transportation options, the performance of electric vehicles is an increasing priority. Simultaneously, portable electronic devices are increasingly demanding more power consumption as consumers demand ever-increasing performance.

Intense research is being devoted to increase the energy density, storage capacity, and cycling speed of battery systems. However, increasing energy density, storage capacity, and cycling speed comes with a consequence: more and faster generation of waste heat. This can pose a hazard in the case of battery systems prone to thermal runaway issues – famously including Li-ion batteries.

The consequences of poor thermal management are not always disastrous, but always come at a cost. Shorter lifespan, reduced cycling efficiency, and lower storage capacity are all common consequences of battery material aging, which can be accelerated by overheating and poor thermal management. It is therefore key from both a safety perspective and from a performance perspective to deeply understand the thermophysical considerations of the battery cycling process and the thermal hazards involved to enable rational and systematic design of effective thermal management systems.

In this webinar, we will focus on lithium-ion batteries & solid-state batteries, fuel cells, and solar cells. The test methods featured will include DSC, STA, TMA, and EGA.

This webinar aired on April 18, 2023 @ 2:00PM GMT-3.

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