Additive Manufacturing: Symmetrical TGA, High Temperature TG-DSC, and Powder Thermal Conductivity

Additive manufacturing is accelerating both the pace of innovation and the manufacturing process of complex parts and systems. In designing and optimizing these processes, detailed knowledge of material thermal properties and stability under the operating atmosphere is needed.

Furthermore, understanding of the corrosion stability is particularly important for designing parts for eventual application in challenging environments such as those present in aerospace and aviation applications. After reviewing additive manufacturing and some of the available methods, this webinar cover the needs that can be addressed by thermal analysis techniques all over the production process: from the powder or filament to the final material.

Focused mainly on metal and ceramic additive manufacturing processes, this webinar will explore how thermal properties data can inform additive manufacturing research. Thermal analysis techniques necessary for collecting the data needed to design and optimize additive manufacturing processes and products will be introduced. Examples will be presented, covering process steps from feedstock production to final part.

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