Accelerated Thermal Conductivity Characterization of Traditional and Novel Insulation Materials

From common applications like housing and appliances, to more exotic applications like aerospace and advanced manufacturing, insulation materials see wide application in all aspects of modern society. Modern insulation materials are taking novel approaches to the problem of insulation: Housing and bedding manufacturers are incorporating phase change materials (PCMs) to improve thermal stability of insulated spaces. Aerospace and aviation applications demand ever-lighter insulation materials, leading to increased application of new and cheaper aerogels. As demand for green construction materials rises, bio-based insulation materials are seeing increasing attention and development. Regardless of the application, thermal conductivity remains a key performance indicator of these materials.

Traditional steady-state thermal characterization techniques like guarded hot plate (ASTM C177) or heat flow meter (ASTM C518) offer good accuracy – but are bulky and require very long test times (up to several days in the case of aerogel materials). By contrast, newer transient thermal conductivity techniques offer very short test times without sacrificing accuracy. C-Therm’s MTPS enables data collection on insulation materials in seconds, as opposed to hours or days from the older traditional methods.

This webinar details the application of the Modified Transient Plane Source technique to the characterization of aerogels and insulation materials for R&D and QA/QC applications. Application of the TPS method for high-temperature characterization of refractories will also be considered. This webinar will be of interest to researchers, engineers and QA/QC professionals in the fields of insulation materials manufacturing and development.

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