Tailoring the thermomechanical behaviour of epoxy with the incorporation of bamboo and graphite filler

The present study is committed to overcome the problem associated with fiber orientation, delamination in composite material. Micro-sized bamboo particulate and graphite is selected as potential filler incorporation material in view of its potential application in thermal management in electronic, automobile parts, electronic packaging and consumer goods. Chemical treatment of natural micro filler is conducted to improve the binding strength among graphite and epoxy matrix. To develop the hybrid composite with varied bamboo filler 2.5 wt% to 12.5 wt% and graphite is incorporated in matrix material. Composite is developed by using NaOH treated micro bamboo particulate almost of 75 mm and graphite filler incorporated in the polymer matrix. The characteristics of specific ‘grade epoxy’ matrix are investigated through uniaxial tensile test, flexural test, dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), thermal conductivity and wear performance. Results exhibited that with the addition of 0.2 wt% graphite filler (GF) in hybrid composite material enhanced the thermomechanical properties. The developed bamboo filler and graphite based hybrid composite will help to boost the utilization of waste natural filler for greener environment.

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