Large-scale production of boron nitride nanosheets-based epoxy nanocomposites with ultrahigh through-plane thermal conductivity for electronic encapsulation

Abstract: Recent advances in two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials have  generated great interest in the investigations of these materials  for wide ranging applications in the micro- to nano-scale  electronics, healthcare, and energy storage areas. In particular,  2D materials such as boron nitride nanosheets (BNNS) have  been studied extensively due to their unique material  properties that include a large specific surface area, high  thermal conductivity (~750 W/mK), and wide bandgap (~5.5 eV), along with the associated electrical insulation. In this paper, we prepared BNNS by liquid exfoliation of hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN). Liquid exfoliation is an enhanced method to achieve large-scale and low-cost production, which is more suitable for large volume applications. In this paper, we have combined low-energy ball milling and sonication methods to produce BNNS on a large scale. 

Keywords: 2D Materials, Boron Nitride, Epoxy Nanocomposites, Thermal Conductivity, Semiconductor Packaging

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