Investigation of Thermo-Physical properties of EMIMBF 4 ionic liquid and water binary systems for heat transfer and refrigeration applications

Abstract: Research intent to discern a thermophysical property of novel proposed ionic liquid [EMIMBF4–1-Ethyl-3-MethyImidazolium tetrafluoroborate] which comprises of hydrophilic, non-corrosive, and negligible vapour pressure to play a perfect supernumerary solution to vapour absorption system and heat transfer applications. A Room-Temperature Ionic Liquid [RTIL] blended with deionized water in four different mass fractions as 20%,15%, 10% and 5% to prepare an ionic liquid and water binary mixture at room temperature. To understand the heat flow characterization of ionic liquid in the applications such as solar panel, chemical or refrigeration plant. Thermal stability and the thermophysical characteristics of EMIMBF4, including thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity, viscosity and density, were measured over the temperature range of 25 °C to 90 °C. The results obtained are fascinating in exemplifying their presence in the advancement of heat transfer and refrigeration applications.

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