Improved Potting of Litz Wires for High Power Density Electric Motor

Specific details including selections of process materials, tooling/fixture setups, and a stepby-step procedure for scaling-up demonstrations of the newly developed potting process, namely vacuum-assisted axial injection potting (VaAIP) have been fully developed for the stator winding of high power density electric motors for the future electrified aircrafts. Various essential pre-trial subtasks identified for the full-scale demonstrations were carried out. To date, optimization of cure condition and thermal stability of the coating epoxy and determination of optimum application conditions and thermal stability of the high temperature encapsulant wax were completed successfully and other subtasks were under way. The efforts to enhance thermal conductivity of the selected potting compound by adding
conductive nano fillers such as boron nitride nanosheets (BNNS) have also been advanced. Initially, selection of the best mixing method and procedures was attempted via extensive and systematic experimental design.

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