Friction-wear performance in environmentally friendly brake composites: A comparison of two different test methods

In this study, an eco-friendly brake composite sample (EFP) was produced with 3.5% hazelnut shell dust as a natural additive material. Friction tests were performed on the manufactured pad sample and on a commercial pad (CP) using both a Chase-type test machine and a specially designed device. A different approach is presented with the evaluation of the two different test device results. The experimental results were compared using the Taguchi method and it was concluded that the braking performance of the sample with hazelnut shell dust was in accordance with international standards. As a result of the study; the nominal friction coefficient value was found to be 0.505 μ. The shearing force of the EFP and CP samples was measured at 607.3 and 850.5 N, respectively. The friction coefficient values obtained from the EFP and CP samples were in accordance with the SAE J-661 standard and are in the “F” letter class.

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