Experimental evaluation of the luminescence performance of fired clay brick coated with SrAl2O4:Eu/Dy phosphor

Abstract: This study evaluates the luminescence performance of fired clay bricks coated with SrAl2O4:Eu/Dy phosphor. To do so, SrAl2O4:Eu/Dy phosphor was first produced using the traditional solid-state reaction synthesis technique. The prepared phosphor was then used for coating fired clay bricks to analyze the luminescence performance, decay characteristics, and microstructure of the bricks. The results reveal that excitation and emission spectra of the bricks range from 200 to 480 nm and 455–650 nm, respectively, suggesting that the fired clay bricks have the capacity of absorbing light with a wide range of wavelengths. The peak wavelength projected at 511 nm in the emission spectrum is achieved, which indicates 4f65 d1-4f7 transition of Europium (Eu2+). The repeated excitation and deexcitation of Eu2+ by using hole traps and trap levels offered by Dysprosium (Dy3+), exist between the ground and the excited state of Eu2+ leads to luminescent phenomenon. Moreover, the decay characteristics has revealed that bricks can emit light for a considerable amount of time (>8.5 min) upon the removal of the excitation source. The results reveal that phosphor coated bricks has the potential of increasing energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings.

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