Evaluation of the impact of thermal performance on various building bricks and blocks: A review

Due to urbanization, most people want to live in a sophisticated ambiance in this modern age. Consequently, they have ready to spend massive investment on improving their buildings’ inside condition by fixing costly accessories like air cooler, lightings, ventilators, ducts, etc. Due to this, the building’s energy consumption increases, leading us to survive in an artificial environment. While continuously living in this synthetic condition has created serious ill-effects to human beings both physically and mentally. The inner ambiance of a building is decided mainly by the thermal transmittance controlled by the wall materials such as bricks and blocks. In the olden days, it has been practiced by the vernacular method of construction for making bricks by using natural building materials which provide a pleasant living ambiance to the humans. Many such buildings are standing for a long duration and still mounted as examples in front of us. But in the present scenario, the need for rapid infrastructure growth and lack of skilled labor to utilize those vernacular materials in modern construction gets diminished. In this age of technology development, the people again decided to lessen energy consumption in their buildings by promoting the concept of construction of low energy buildings using energy-efficient matters, especially in wall materials. In this paper, a comprehensive review was made on the thermal insulation effect of various entrenched materials. Its efficiency and method of assessing the property are used to manufacture the building wall bricks and blocks that control heat transfer between inside and outside the building.

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