Enhanced solar/electric-to-thermal energy conversion capability of double skeleton based shape-stabilized phase change materials

Abstract: In this work, we developed a type of shape-stabilized phase change materials (SSPCMs) based on carbonized melamine foam/graphene aerogel (CMGA) as a supporting material and polyethylene glycol (PEG) as a phase change material. PEG@CMGA SSPCMs were prepared by fabricating a series of CMGA double skeleton with different carbonization temperatures using freeze-drying and high-temperature carbonization, followed by vacuum impregnation of PEG into the CMGA double skeleton. The morphological structure, thermal storage property, shape stability, thermal conductivity, and solar/electric conversion behavior of the fabricated SSPCMs are investigated. The results showed that PEG@CMGA SSPCMs exhibited excellent shape stability, high latent thermal storage capacity of 181.2 J/g, thermal cycling stability, enhanced thermal conductivity with 387% higher than that of pure PEG, solar-to-thermal energy conversion capability with high efficiency of 91.7% and electric-to-thermal energy conversion capability with high efficiency of 87.3%. The results of this work provide a strategy for the design and development of high performance, multiple energy conversion forms of SSPCMs for promising applications in solar energy utilization, energy-efficient buildings, and heat preservation.

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