Study on Corrosion Behavior of Waterborne Polyurethane Coating with High Thermal Conductivity

Abstract: In this paper, the effects of mixture fillers on the thermal conductivity of a coating are studied, and the optimal addition proportion was obtained. Then, the corrosion behavior of the modified waterborne polyurethane coating with high thermal conductivity is investigated by salt spray experiments, pull-off tests, EIS and SKP measurements. The result shows that the coating with 2 wt % composite fillers exhibits the most excellent thermal conductivity (1.222 W·m−1·K−1). In terms of corrosion resistance, there is an absence of obvious corrosion phenomenon for the modified coating, and the polarization resistance is still as high as 1.31 × 107 Ω·cm2 at the final stage, which indicates that the incorporation of 2 wt % composite fillers also markedly enhances the corrosion resistance property of waterborne polyurethane coating. This is mainly attributed to the more compact structure and more excellent shielding action to the electrolyte. The surface Kelvin potential results further confirm the advantageous effects of mixture fillers on the corrosion protective performance. The corresponding protective mechanism of the composite coating is also proposed.

Keywords: waterborne polyurethane coating; corrosion; high thermal conductivity coating; SKP

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