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C-Therm Launches New Website – Insights from Jay Nickerson

The Best in Thermal Conductivity Resources 

As Commercial Director at C-Therm, I’m proud to direct people to www.ctherm.com where we have launched a refined experience in learning about thermal conductivity. 

Our Webinar portal brings the latest in thermal research data and instrument highlights, with live events running weekly.  And you can find a database of application specific recordings, from Phase Change Materials to Biomaterials to Performance Textiles.

C-Therm Webinar Portal

In our Products section, our premier instrument Trident for thermal conductivity testing is featured alongside the warm-feel / cool-touch instrument Tx Touch Experience for thermal effusivity testing.  With over 800 C-Therm users around the globe, including adidas, NASA and 3M, I love seeing these instruments ship to all corners of the globe, often to labs we have the pleasure to visit with a demo system earlier in the year.

Most proudly, our new Distributor Map showcases all of our premier partners around the world who represent C-Therm Instruments on an exclusive basis.  Many of these partners have been working with our MTPS technology for over a decade, have their own Trident or Tx demo system, and can provide great knowledge and assistance to researchers in their respective country.

C-Therm Distributor Map

Global Distributor Map

Video Demo Offer

With the uncertainty of these current times, one drastic shift we have seen at C-Therm is the reality of restricted travel.  This means less in-person visits to the laboratories with our demo systems are possible, something I personally and our entire commercial team misses dearly.  

Thermal Conductivity Video Demo

But with a new challenge comes a new opportunity, and we’ve developed a fully equipped demo lab where you can book an instrument demonstration live with an application specialist.  This can be a quick 10 minute intro or an hour long deep-dive, just send through your request at the video demo request page.

A World of Thermal Conductivity

I like to think of C-Therm and all of our partners, users and friends around the world as the “melting pot” for thermal conductivity.  We love getting good data, learning about new characterization needs in renewable energy, niche applications that require our high pressure cells and great customer feedback such as the recent Trident instal in Australia. And my personal favorite feedback from adidas:

“The device is working perfectly.” – see our Testimonials page

So please take a minute to browse, search, and check out some content at www.ctherm.com – you won’t be disappointed. 

Written by Jarett (Jay) Nickerson, Commercial Director @ C-Therm.  Jay works with C-Therm instrument users around the globe to help them learn more about their materials’ thermal properties. 

Connect with Jay at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jarettnickerson/


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