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Characterizing the “Cool Touch” of Jeans via ASTM D7984

As material innovation with a focus on comfort becomes more prominent with global apparel brands, product developers continue to evaluate new technologies and methods to create a comfortable product for cool-touch/warm-feel quantification. Effusivity testing is widely adopted via ASTM D7984. Different approaches include variations of fiber structure and finishing treatments to achieve a cooler feel. 

pile of blue denim jeans

C-Therm, in partnership with Thermal Analysis Labs, tested 6 denim samples from a major denim brand where different fiber blends and ‘cooling technologies’ were applied. Samples were evaluated in accordance with ASTM D7984 to quantify the ‘coolest feeling material’. Results from C-Therm’s Tx Touch Experience Platform are summarized in the table below.

Thermal Effusivity Results of Denim Jeans

Sample 4 measured the highest with 278 units with sample 1 at 203 units. While all samples are relatively “cool” to the touch (all over 200 units), the 75 unit difference exceeds the threshold of noticeable differences (~20 units). 

C-Therm’s Tx Touch Experience Platform offers an ASTM standardized methodology for measuring thermal effusivity. Using a patented single-sided sensor, testing is easy and non-destructive.

Learn more about Thermal Effusivity and how to measure it here.

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Jordan McGrath is C-Therm’s Senior Regional Manager, responsible for USA West.


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