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C-Therm’s Quick Guide on Certified Labs that Offer ASTM D7984 Testing

Earlier in 2016, C-Therm has worked with industry in forming a new ASTM standard for characterizing the touch properties of textiles and fabrics based on C-Therm’s Modified Transient Plane Source (MTPS) technique. Today, various brand companies and testing labs around the globe have adopted C-Therm’s Tx Touch Experience Platform, which employs the MTPS method that conforms to ASTM D7984, into their R&D and QC processes. To name a few, Mark’s, Under Armour, adidas, Columbia, Tempur Sealy and 3M. The MTPS has been helping industry to quantify warm feel-cool touch for applications include activewear, diapers, bedding materials, thermal underwear, footwear and more.

C-Therm’s Managing Director, Adam Harris comments, “The C-Therm Tx Touch Experience Platform has become a global standard for characterizing the touch properties of textiles and fabrics. We’re thrilled to see our instrument and technology supporting companies like PVH Group in their material innovation. Meanwhile, the third-party labs are setting the criteria in the textiles supply chain with the Tx as a quality control tool.”
Below is a quick guide to laboratories worldwide that offer ASTM D7984 testing:

Martin Ho, Manager of Softline Testing at Bureau Veritas Guangzhou commented, “We offer ASTM D7984 testing in our lab. We were impressed with the service and support provided by C-Therm.”

About C-Therm Technologies Ltd.
C-Therm Technologies Ltd. is the world leader in transient-based thermal conductivity instrumentation for R&D, production and quality control environments. C-Therm’s flagship product is the Trident Thermal Conductivity Instrument. Trident provides 3 different methods for thermal conductivity characterization. C-Therm’s overall mission is to simplify thermal conductivity characterization and provide opportunity for high accuracy data under real-world application conditions.


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