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TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer

Simply put - the fastest, easiest way to measure thermal conductivity. 

Fast, Accurate Testing
0 to 500 W/mK in seconds
No Sample Preparation
Unlimited sample sizes
Wide Temperature Range
-50º to 200ºC (Standard Sensor)
NEW: Option to expand temperature
range to 300 ºC
Tests solids, liquids, powders and 
pastes and have the flexibility to operate
in various environmental enclosures
No calibration required
Leaves sample intact
Highly Flexible
Designed for lab, QC, and at-line testing
Modified Transient Plane Source (Conforms to ASTM D7984)
  • C-Therm offers a range of high pressure cells to safely characterize the thermal conductivity of samples under elevated pressure environments up to 2000 PSI (~138 bar).

  • The fastest, easiest way to accurately measure the thermal conductivity of solids.

  • Test the thermal conductivity of powders with the Small Volume Test Kit (SVTK).

  • Characterize the thermal conductivity of polymers.

  • Easily measure the thermal conductivity of metals such as stainless steel.

  • Measure the thermal conductivity of liquids by inverting the sensor in the provided 50 ml beaker (pictured) or with the SVTK.

  • Suitable for testing a wide range of sample materials; including solids, liquids, powders and pastes.

TCi Accessories

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  • We wanted something that was going to measure small volumes and do it in a rapid and easy format and the TCi Thermal Conductivity instrument was perfect for our needs. The thing I like most about the TCi is it is extremely easy to use.

    Dr. Steven Oldenburg   |   CEO, NanoComposix (Sector: NanoMaterials)

  • The main benefit of the TCi to our testing lab is its ease of use and short test times. It allows us to get accurate results as quickly as possible and with excellent repeatability. Our test times are only a fraction of what they are using steady state methods. Equally important, the service level has exceeded our expectations.

    Dr. Ernest Wolff, CEO, PMIC Lab (Sector: Contract Lab)

  • The technology has allowed us to provide accurate quality assurance for our products that wasn’t previously attainable by any other methods. The instrumentation has been a rapid and consistent means for our company to ensure that every product leaving our facility meets our rigid specifications. It has given us a competitive advantage. In fact, we’ve been awarded contracts partly due to the superiority of the instrumentation over every other means of quality testing.

    Robert Mendenhall, COO, American Aerogel Corporation (Sector: Vacuum Insulation)