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ASTM C518, D7984, D5334, D5930, E1461, and ISO 8301, 22007-2

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What is Thermal Conductivity?

Thermal conductivity is at the core of TALs services offerings. We are global leaders in thermal conductivity measurements and specialize in niche testing applications across a wide range of sample types.

Formula for measuring thermal conductivity and effusivity.

Thermal conductivity is a measure of a materials ability to transfer heat most often denoted as (λ, k or K-value). Thermal conductivity differs with each substance and may depend on structure, density, humidity, pressure and temperature. Materials having a large thermal conductivity value are good conductors of heat; whereas ones with a small thermal conductivity value are poor conductors of heat (i.e. good insulators). Thermal conductivity is typically represented in units of (W/mK).

Why is Thermal Conductivity Important?

Thermal conductivity can generally fall into one of two main categories of importance. One being applications where temperature needs to be dissipated quickly and the other where temperature needs to be maintained. The former would be applicable to devices which are used to remove heat from sensitive componentry where a buildup of heat could otherwise cause serious damage. In this case, high thermal conductivity materials are of significant value. The latter would represent cases where minimizing heat loss plays a significant role such as cases where drastic changes in temperature can prove detrimental. Here, low conductivity materials add value.  

How much does Thermal Conductivity Testing Cost?

Thermal conductivity testing rates will vary based on the testing method and conditions – generally transient testing methods are the most cost-effective as they have shorter test time and generally less strict sample size requirements. Click on the Request Quote button or contact us for more information and a free, no obligation quotation.

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    • Dynatex International

      I had a request for thermal conductivity information on one of my adhesives and contacted Thermal Analysis Labs. The process was very smooth – I experienced none of the issues typical of other contract labs we work with. The results were delivered on time and I have used the data in our sales literature to help my clients have success in their applications.

      John Tyler,
      Vice President of Sales

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