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C-Therm regularly offers FREE online seminars - or "webinars" - to provide information on new applications and offer participants an opportunity to learn how C-Therm's clients are using the innovative sensor technology. The webinar is a combination of a live powerpoint show presented over the internet, and a conference call with participants. Please browse our listing of live upcoming webinars below or check our library of past  archived webinar recordings .

2018 Webinar Schedule




Wednesday, December 19th, 2018 1:00 PM (EST) At-Line Thermal Conductivity Measurement Applied in Optimization of Additive Manufacturing of Titanium Powders
Thursday, December 20th, 2018 1:00 PM (EST)

Introducing a New Thermal Conductivity Instrument: C-Therm Trident 



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Introducing a New Thermal Conductivity Instrument: C-Therm Trident 

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

This quote from Abraham Maslow illustrates the cognitive bias we fall victim to if we approach diverse problems using only one tool or skill set.  This is particularly true in thermal conductivity characterization.  There are many techniques available, all with their own strengths and limitations. C-Therm is pleased to introduce a new product in thermal conductivity characterization that combines our patented, single-sided non-destructive sensor technology with other complimentary tools to handle a wider range of challenges.  Join us online for a look at Trident’s combination of the high-precision MTPS technique, with the flexible TPS  and robust TLS methods.

MTPS: Fast, easy and highly accurate. A single-sided, “plug & play” sensor suitable for testing solids, liquids, powders and pastes. Offers maximum sample versatility. Conforms to ASTM D7984

Flex TPS: A flexible double-sided hot disc sensor available in different sizes. Greater control over experimental parameters makes TPS ideal for more advanced users. Conforms to ISO 22007-2.

Needle TLS: Sheathed in stainless steel, the TLS Needle sensor offers maximum robustness in thermal conductivity testing samples. Conforms to ASTM D5334, and D5930.

Join C-Therm Managing Director, Adam Harris, for an overview of this ground-breaking new product in thermal conductivity.  We’ll review the principles of operation to the three methods, general points of difference, and speak to their suited applications.

This introductory webinar will be interest to students, researchers and engineers who are concerned with the accurate, representative characterization of the thermal conductivity characterization of solids, liquids, powders or pastes.


At-Line Thermal Conductivity Measurement Applied in Optimization of Additive Manufacturing of Titanium Powders

This webinar will highlight the importance of representative thermal conductivity data in additive manufacturing processes. Specifically, Laser-Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) is a process in which a high-powered laser is applied as a heat source to fuse metal powder into a mass that has a desired 3-dimensional shape. The laser selectively scans and fuses powder material on the surface of the powder bed based on the previously generated AMF (or CAD) file. After one layer is scanned, the powder bed is lowered by one-layer thickness, creating a new layer that is scanned. The process is repeated until the part is completed.

It is essential to understand the effective thermal conductivity (and broader related thermophysical properties such as effusivity and density) of the proposed powder stock material in properly understanding the laser sintering process. The powder’s effective thermal conductivity is fundamental to optimizing the performance during heating and cooling during sintering. In properly characterizing the effective thermal conductivity of the powder, improved process control is possible. In testing at-line and non-destructively, the process can be optimized in real time as adjustments are required. C-Therm’s patented MTPS (modified transient plane source) method is the only technique for thermal conductivity method available to allow for fast, at-line and non-destructive measurements of the metal powder material.

The webinar will review recent published works from the National Center for Additive Manufacturing Excellence (NCAME) at Auburn University highlighting application of the C-Therm TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer.

This webinar will interest scientists, engineers and researchers in the additive manufacturing sector.




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