Thermal Energy Storage Characterization:  Thermal Conductivity Testing and Calorimetry

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is the collection of thermal energy for later use. Strategies for thermal energy storage include solar heat collectors, phase change materials (PCMs), eutectics and reversible chemical reactions. In most TES systems, a higher storage capacity, higher thermal conductivity, and longer cycling stability is desirable. In this webinar, we’ll explore using calorimetry to examine the specific heat, heat of fusion, and cycling stability of thermal energy storage materials – this data is courtesy of our partners at Setaram Instrumentation. We’ll also examine the application of thermal conductivity testing of PCM samples – this will feature thermal conductivity data from researchers in Turkey, South Korea, Portugal and Canada.

This webinar will be of interest to engineers and researchers in the Thermal Energy Storage industry, or anyone with specific interest in Phase Change Material characterization.


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