Thermal Conductivity Enhancement of Composite PCMs for Thermal Energy Storage

Join C-Therm Technologies in highlighting recent progress by researchers from Australia, Canada, USA, and China in studying the thermal conductivity of composite phase change materials.

First, work from Swinburne University of Technology and CSIRO in Australia will be examined. The research focused on generating cementitious perlite-paraffin composites with improved insulation and heat storage properties relative to pure cement. Next, work from an international team of University of Windsor and Wayne State University researchers will be examined which studied the use of carbon-based nanostructures to achieve substantial thermal conductivity enhancement in PCM carbon nanocomposites relative to pure PCM -  in one case, the nanocomposite exhibited up to 11x improvement upon the pure PCM! Finally, work from Chinese researchers at Southwest University of Science and Technology and China Academy of Engineering Physics will be examined highlighting the paraffin-graphene composite PCM with an over four-fold improvement in thermal conductivity with <1wt% loading of graphene by passing through an intermediary graphene oxide composite.


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