Thermal Conductivity Characterization of Advanced Fabrics & Textiles

This webinar will focus on highlighting recent work published on the application of Modified Transient Plane Source technology in the field of characterizing advanced fabrics and textiles.  An objective means of assessing the heat transfer properties of various advanced fabrics and textiles is of increasing importance as researchers develop new materials for more extreme applications. In high-altitudes mountaineering climbers are exposed to extremely frigid conditions, and the quality of fabrics applied in the construction of their protective clothing can be of life and death consequence. Different fabrics or textiles used in the clothing industry were evaluated non-destructively by employing C-Therm’s TCi Analyzer in characterizing the thermal conductivity and effusivity properties of the material. 

A special look at C-Therm’s new Compression Test Accessory will also be presented, demonstrating the capability to characterize materials under varying loads.

This webinar will be of particular interest to any engineers involved in advanced fabrics and textiles research and work.


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