The Warm Feel - Cool Touch Product Performance Index

Thermal effusivity describes how quickly and how much heat a material exchanges with its surroundings. You can use ASTM D7984 to quantify thermal effusivity in textiles - in particular, we’ve worked with people who follow the standard to: verify supplier claims, develop an internal R&D index, and use measurements as a quality-control tool. We’ve also talked with many people who are interested in turning this touch property into a customer-facing index – something that will visually describe how warm or cool your textile feels. 

The units of thermal effusivity are Ws1/2/m2K or J/s1/2m2K. We know that isn’t the language that most of your customers speak. Join us to learn a bit more about ASTM Standard D7984, the application of C-Therm’s Modified Transient Plane Source (MTPS) technique in characterizing the thermal performance of textiles, and work that we’ve been doing on building a customer-facing thermal effusivity index. We’ll build in time during this webinar for discussion because we want to hear how such an index might be valuable to your business and research.


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