Performance Characterization of Geopolymer Applications

This webinar will provide a review of highlights from the recent geopolymer research report from the Department of Infrastructure Engineering at the University of Melbourne in Australia. The report illustrates how thermal conductivity is an important thermophysical property of geopolymer concrete, an environmentally friendly alternative for ordinary Portland cement-based concrete. Geopolymers are used widely in the construction and refractory industries for their fire- and heat-resistant properties. As refractories and flame-resistant materials, several characteristics are desirable performance metrics: A low thermal conductivity enables efficient insulation and fire resistance, while a low coefficient of thermal expansion reduces thermophysical strain upon the material.
This webinar will be of interest to researchers, academics and industry professionals who are involved in development and application of geopolymers. We will review the innovative approaches thermal conductivity characterization the C-Therm sensors empower in geopolymer applications and the technical considerations on approaching these methods.


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