Performance Characterization of Geopolymer

This webinar will focus on characterizing the performance of geopolymers. Join Adam Harris (Managing Director of C-Therm Technologies) and Sarah Ackermann (Research Scientist at TAL http://thermalanalysislabs.com/), in learning more about the thermalphysical properties of some novel geopolymer materials.

Geopolymers are used widely in the construction and refractory industries for their fire- and heat-resistant properties. As refractories and flame-resistant materials, a number of characteristics are desireable performance metrics: A low thermal conductivity enables efficient insulation and fire resistance, while a low coefficient of thermal expansion reduces thermophysical strain upon the material. An ideal geopolymer material is also thermally stable with respect to chemical decomposition over the operational temperature range, as chemical decomposition often causes wide dimensional changes and damages the mechanical strength and integrity of the structure the material is used in. Finally, the material should also be stable with respect to phase change over the operational temperature range. To explore the effects of geopolymer composition upon thermal stability and phase change behavior, a series of novel geopolymer materials are characterized with respect to thermal conductivity and thermal expansion, and this data is presented.

This webinar will be of particular interest to researchers involved in the development and application of geopolymers.


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