Method Selection in Thermal Conductivity Characterization

Do you find it challenging to select the most appropriate method for characterizing the thermal conductivity of your samples and materials?  Guarded Hot Plate (GHP), Heat Flow Meter (HFM), Laser Flash Analysis (LFA), Transient Line Source (TLS), Transient Plane Source (TPS), Modified Transient Plane Source (MTPS), etc… with so many different methods it can be difficult to understand the points of difference amongst these techniques and ultimately what is the best one for your samples – this confusion can lead to poor data caused by using an inappropriate test method, possibly resulting project delays or poor product performance.   
Learn about the "pros & cons", and the theory of operation behind the various thermal conductivity methods commercially available. This webinar is an excellent primer for those who are trying to get a handle on the various thermal conductivity methods. The webinar will compare traditional steady state techniques (guarded hot plate & guarded heat flow) and newer transient methods including:  laser flash diffusivity, transient line source, transient plane source and the modified transient plane source. No single technique can do it all - learn where and when to apply the various methods and have the confidence that you’re choosing the right technique for your needs.
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