Measuring Thermal Conductivity Using the TCkit

Learn more about C-Therm’s thermal conductivity kit. This system provides users with the ability to measure thermal conductivity in the range of 0.03-60W/mK and in temperatures ranging from 10-80°C. In this webinar hear from our technical specialist Sarah Ackermann about the TCkit, how to set it up and begin running tests with. Also learn about principles of the Transient Plane Source (TPS) and where it can be applied. See how academic researchers can use this instrument as an effective teaching tool, illustrating the principles of thermal conductivity to students. A lab experiment designed by the experts at C-Therm will be presented as an example of  the learning opportunities this instrument can offer. The TCkit can be used in various applications, including measuring concrete and polymer samples. We will be taking you through the experimental setup and test results for each of these applications.


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