Measuring Thermal Conductivity and Diffusivity of Geological Samples – A focus on Sedimentary

This webinar will provide a review of highlights from the recent geological research report from the Institute for Applied Geology and Silesian University of Technology in Poland. The report illustrates how thermal conductivity is an important thermophysical property of rock samples, needed for heat flow determination, deep thermal regime determination, and reconstruction of thermal history of sedimentary basin. Precise and accurate thermal conductivity is important in geology for numerous reasons. Determining the effectiveness of geothermal heat transfer and dissipation through different rock layers and aquifers is of great importance for hydrogeology studies and geothermal industries. We’ll review how thermal properties of geological samples can be accurately measured using a C-Therm TCi Thermal Conductivity Analyzer.
This webinar will be of interest to researchers, academics and industry professionals who are involved in measuring thermal properties of geological samples. We will review the innovative approaches thermal conductivity characterization the C-Therm sensors empower in geological applications and the technical considerations on approaching these methods.


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