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Thermal performance evaluation of Bio-based shape stabilized PCM for energy saving

Among the PCMs, Bio-based PCMs are considered one of the most promising candidates, due to their large latent heat, low vapor pressure in the melt, good chemical stability, self-nucleating behavior, safety, and commercial availability at low cost. However, the leakage problem and low thermal conductivity of Bio-based PCM limit its application, to some extent. Therefore, porous materials with a high thermal conductivity, such as boron nitride, are promising candidates for simultaneously solving these two problems. In this study, we prepared Bio-based PCM with boron nitride, by using the vacuum impregnation process. We analyzed the microstructure, chemical bonding, heat capacity, thermal resistance and Thermal conductivity of Bio-based PCM with boron nitride, by SEM, FTIR, DSC, TGA and TCi analyses. From the analyses, we expect Bio-based PCM with boron nitride to be useful in applications in various fields, due to its high thermal properties.


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